Your Story Matters

We Won the Runoff!

We want to say thank you to everyone in the Irving community. From voters to opponents, donors to volunteers, and city staff to voting officials, please know that all your hard work is greatly appreciated. We should also take a moment to be proud of Irving and its citizens, especially District 3. A total of 1,400 votes were cast for the runoff election, which surpasses any previous vote count for a District 3 municipal election. Our next step must be continuing this involvement en route to a better Irving.

Mark Zeske is ready to get to work!


We also have some overdue thanks to give. Back in October, Mark decided to sign up for the Susan G. Komen MORE THAN PINK virtual walk. He introduced pink campaign signs, sent out emails, and posted on Facebook asking for donations towards breast cancer awareness and research. Y’all once again answered the call and helped Zeske surpass his fundraising goal. For that we are extremely thankful. According to breastcancer.org, about 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer sometime in their life. Statistically speaking, this means someone near and dear to you will most likely be affected by the disease. While we are truly grateful for the donations back in October, we encourage everyone to educate themselves on the matter and to continue to support a cause as great as the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Thanks again!